Craft Beer Review – Red Hook Brewing Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter

Red Hook Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter

Red Hook Brewing Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter: Brewed in Woodinville, WA at a strength of 5.8% abv this pumpkin porter features pureed pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, maple syrup and ginger in its recipe.I enjoy the name, pretty creative with the wording and the label is pretty nice so good on them for decent marketing.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a brown colour with a thin layer of foam and some small bubbles. The aroma is pumpkin, chocolate and cinnamon.

Flavour: I got some chocolate, some brown sugar, pumpkin, hints of coffee and a touch of smoke with some nutmeg on the finish.

Overall Impression: Decent porter with a bit of pumpkin added.

Rating: I give it an above average rating of 6.5/10, decent but not a game changer by any means.

Food Pairing: This would go well with a buffalo burger and yam fries.

Looks like this brewery has shown some leadership into waste management and in this video they discuss how their waste products are being turned into things like clothing and other textiles. I always have a bit more appreciation for businesses that do things like this, it does influence my purchasing decisions, especially for comparable products.

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