BC Craft Beer Review – Dead Frog Furious Friar Belgian IPA

Deadfrog Furious Friar Belgian IPADead Frog – Furious Friar Belgian IPA: Is supposedly a Belgian IPA, which is brewed in Aldergrove, BC at a strength of 9.0% and 55 IBU’s and was poured into a 22 oz glass at home from a bottle I just purchased.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cloudy gold with 2 fingers of foam and lots of small bubbles. The aroma is orange, tangerine, mango and a touch of clovey banana.

Flavour: The flavour is all over the place, some zesty tangerine, caramel sweetness, somewhat boozy and sweet candies sugar taste, yeasty and herbal with a touch of clove in the aftertaste.

Overall Impression: Way too sweet for the style, too much going on here, maybe let it settle for 6 months before drinking as the herbal hops won’t go anywhere for a while and the sweetness may balance out.

Rating: I give it a below average rating of 4/10, honestly I dumped it at the halfway point in favour of another beer, but I would have finished it at least had I not wanted to try something else instead.

Food Pairing: Can’t really suggest anything here to be honest.

I am pretty fond of their 22 oz offerings as this is the first one I haven’t really liked, however now looking at the former name of this one I don’t recall liking that one too much either so I guess I should have paid more attention. My favourite Belgian IPA is Houblon Chouffe which is awesome stuff.



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