Weekly Mash – June 16, 2014

This past week was all about recovering from our kids birthday party and getting ready to go to the Washington Brewers Festival with my dad. In terms of craft beer, I continued to consume some of the beers I rounded up from my cellar space rediscovering some bottles I had forgotten about. It was a good beer week that ended very well with fathers day.

My Favourite Craft Beer’s from Last Week:

Goose Island Pepe Nero Russell Brewing - Nectar of the Gods Wheat Wine Ale                                

Weekly Craft Beer Review Recap:

  • Click here to see the best of my week’s reviews via Storify, or simply scroll down from this post.

Interesting Craft Beer Links Around the World:

Interesting Craft Beer Links BC and Vancouver:

  • As Central City Brewing re-branded their award winning ESB to an India Style Red Ale (same beer, different ‘style’) I thought back to a very well written blog article called The Death of Style that is worth a read
  • Be sure to read Barley Mowat’s well written rant about Central City and their new India Style Red Ale as well as some comments from the Central City’s marketing director here

Adventure of the Week:

This week ended with Father’s day which is always fun, of course I have already mentioned my trip to Redmond to attend a beer festival there, if you want to read more click here (or simply scroll down). I also built this super awesome Lego Millennium Falcon about a 3 hour build with a break in the middle and some help from the younglings.

This is how it looks when you open it:


About halfway there:


And finally the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy is complete:






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