Lunch at Townhall South Surrey

I am starting to notice that the “pub culture” is expanding outside metro Vancouver, primarily by these guys and a few other brewers, beyond just the normal crappy pubs that have been here for years.

Townhall South Surrey

Needless to say, I actually like this transformation as these places are moving away from the cheap drunkard places and more into pub-restaurants where one can go for lunch, enjoy a beer and some pub food and do it in an establishment that isn’t dirty, doesn’t rely on drunk locals to keep them in business or is in bad need of a renovation. In fact, this place tries hard to attract the local lunch crowd so the other day I decided to try it out and quite frankly I was pretty impressed. This placed taps are still focused primarily on commercial beers, however they have a very good selection of bottled beer to choose from including many local 22 oz bottled beers at a reasonable price (not overly marked up) and a fun menu with things like Guinness Chocolate Pudding, stuffed burgers and Bacon, Sausage Mac & Cheese. I will go back here for sure!

We ordered some food that was tasty – I got sliders that were served like this:

Townhall South Surrey - Sliders

And of course a beer – Parallel 49 Seed Spitter

Rating: 6/10, first watermelon beer I have had that actually works and is drinkable, they captured the freshness of watermelon nicely

Parallel 49 Seed Spitter

One thought on “Lunch at Townhall South Surrey

  1. I have not been to this location yet but have been to Townhall Coquitlam And Langley as well as Edith and Arthur and have been impressed. Now if they can just ditch the Macro Crap they can really shine. Just don’t go on a Friday or Saturday night as it seems they do devolve into a drunkards paradise.

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