Four Winds – Saison

Four Winds SaisonFour Winds – Saison: Brewed in Delta, BC and part of their standard lineup, this unfiltered Saison comes in at a strength of 6.5%, with 30 IBU’s and was enjoyed at home moments ago.

Aroma and Appearance: Pours a hazy copper with three fingers of foam and random rising bubbles with an aroma of pepper, coriander, lemon and a bit of funky sour.

Flavour: The flavour starts off peppery with spice, a bit of a light body with some sour funk, esters and acidic taste with a coriander finish.

Overall Impression: It’s easy to overlook their regular line when this place releases so many cool and special beers in their larger bottles, but you are missing out if you skip this one. It hits everything I expect from a Saison, yet offers a little more to make it interesting. This is fermented hot, so you get all kinds of stuff that you don’t want in a regular ale, yet it works great in a something like this. It’s crazy as their special Saison’s are even better than this one, but I guess it takes a great base to make it even better.

Rating: I give it a 8/10 as in excellent, it leaves a really good impression, has some complexity to it and yet it is highly drinkable. Great stuff, perfect go-to local saison.

Food Pairing: spicy sausage or oddly enough I think sweet and sour pork would be great.

What is your go to saison?


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