BC Craft Beer Review – Yellow Dog Brewing Play Dead IPA

Yellow Dog Brewing Play Dead IPA

Yellow Dog Brewing Play Dead IPA: This beer is brewed in Port Moody, BC to a strength of 6.8% abv with 75 IBUs. Their IPA was recently released in tallboy style cans which is the perfect size for a drink like this and can be found in most private liquor stores.

Aroma and Appearance: Play Dead IPA pours a honey golden colour with two fingers of foam and some tiny bubbles. Its aroma consists of caramel, bread, grapefruit, pine resin and tangerine.

Flavour: Fairly straight forward IPA with bread malt up front, lemon, tangerine, citrus and herbs in the middle and a pine resin herbal finish.

Overall Impression: Approachable and tasty, this is a solid go-to style IPA that’s likely perfect for a growler fill fresh out of the keg.

Rating: Very good at 7.5/10, worth a pick up.

Food Pairing: This is a great IPA for spicy food, some spicy chorizo sausage tacos with a fruity pineapple salsa would do the trick.

At their brewery, like many others, they feature food trucks on popular nights. Check out their Instagram account to stay up to date.

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