Craft Beer Review – Muskoka Brewery Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout

Muskoka Winter Beard

Muskoka Brewery Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout: Brewed in Bracebridge, Ontario at a strength of 8% abv this cellar version of their double chocolate stout stayed an extra year in brewery cellars before being released in fancy, cool looking box.

Aroma and Appearance: Pours a dark brown colour with no bubbles or foam to be seen. Its aroma is full of dark velvety chocolate, tangy cranberry and some dark roast coffee that sneaks through.

Flavour: Crazy rich cocoa notes upfront, perfect for a chocoholic like myself as it lingers for a bit until some dark coffee notes arrive. In the middle it gets a little nutty and tangy, with some cranberry tartness and earthy malts while it finishes with more chocolate and some dry cocoa powder .

Overall Impression: I had last year’s version and then this one, which is the same beer simply aged for a year longer and I have to say that I really enjoyed how the chocolate malts and tangy cranberry balanced out over time.

Rating: A solid 8/10 beer, a little unique which makes it a good pick up.

Food Pairing: Try some nut mix with craisins in it or a fruit and nut chocolate bar.

Here’s a picture from their Facebook site that shows the box that this beer came in, which again is pretty cool and makes for some good shelf presence.

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