Craft Beer Review – Coronado Brewing Black Sails IPA

Coronado Brewing Black Sails IPA

Coronado Brewing Black Sails IPA: Brewed in Coronado, CA at a strength of 6.8% abv this was the first beer from this company that I purchased in Canada since they recently started distributing here in British Columbia. It’s great to see all of these interesting beers in BC, although I bet the local brewers are feeling the heat a little on bottle sales and shelf space at the same time, but these are priced a lot higher than our local beers and are never quite as fresh as the one’s from the source so they have some advantages too.

Aroma and Appearance: This craft beer pours a dark brown colour with two fingers of thick tan foam and some slow rising bubbles in my IPA glass. The aroma is slightly sooty grapefruit, juicy oranges, tangerine citrus and asphalt.

Flavour: Lots of smokey, and soot up front with toasted bread and caramel malts in the middle, finishing with a tangerine citrus and earthy pine resin.

Overall Impression: Nice beer, that sooty grapefruit flavour takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s nice by the end.

Rating: I give it a Very Good rating of 7.5/10, worth a try as it’s on the shelves right now in many places.

Food Pairing: Would go nice with BBQ pineapple chicken and some grilled vegetables.

If you are new to this brewery, here’s what they are all about: via Beer Buzz’s YouTube Channel it looks like they have some good things going their and a pretty fancy looking bottling line!



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