Craft Beer Review – Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) Abominable Winter Ale

HUB Abominable

Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) Abominable Winter Ale: A contender for the Best Can Art Ever, this Oregon brewed winter IPA comes in at a strength of 7.3% abv and 70 IBUs. This is a standard purchase for me annually, I tend to pick up a four pack to enjoy over the holidays since it is a nice break from winter spiced ales and is a tasty brew that won’t set you back a lot of money.

Aroma and Appearance: Pours a clear copper with one finger of foam and a fairly carbonated center. The aroma is grapefruit, brown bread, lemon citrus, juicy tangerine and a slight note of orange peel.

Flavour: Loads of bready malt and juicy citrus notes upfront with pleasant caramels, toffees and tangerine juice in the middle. Once the juice wears off, the floral, piney grapefruit bitters comes on super strong and lingers until the next sip where it repeats itself over and over.

Overall Impression: Classic deep toffee, caramel, and bread malt sweetness combined with a floral piney bitterness that has a slightly heavier winter body to it.

Rating: Easy 8/10, pretty bitter but balanced enough and well priced.

Food Pairing: Would go well with a medium rare slice of roast beef and herbed potatoes.

Seriously, look at this can art simple, appropriate, eye grabbing and unique! Have you seen a better designed beer can anywhere?

HUB Abominable Can

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