Craft Beer Review – Lagunitas Night Time Ale

Laguinitas Night Time Ale

Lagunitas – Night Time Ale: This California Black IPA is brewed at a strength of 8.2%% abv and was enjoyed on the patio a couple weeks ago during a bit of a dark beer marathon to get through some darker times.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours with two fingers of foam with a dark mahogany like colour and no visible bubbles. The aroma was heavy on the citrus notes with some peach, mango and tangerine, toffee and finally rye bread.

Flavour: First off I found there was a deep nutty and molasses malt at the very beginning followed by toffee, earth, mushroom in the middle and a fruity dry citrus bitter finish.

Overall Impression: Wow, this is complex and tasty.

Rating: I thought it was awesome, easily a 9/10 beer that is a buy on sight seasonal beer.

Food Pairing: BBQ pork tenderloin marinated in beer and spiced up a touch would be nice with this.

Lagunita’s is always reliable, this was the best beer I had of theirs.



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