Craft Beer Review – Speakeasy Old Godfather Barleywine

Speakeasy Old Godfather BarleywineSpeakeasy Old Godfather Barleywine: Contributing to my barleywine research, this one hails from San Fransico, CA and is brewed at a strength of 9.5% with a high 85 IBU rating and was enjoyed at home in a snifter glass.

Aroma and Appearance: The colour is mahogany and it pours with one finger of foam that disappears quickly with some observable bubbles in the glass. The aroma was spicy toffee, dark fruits like plums and cherries and some molasses.

Flavour: This is fairly smooth for such a young barleywine (2014), with some caramel and molasses up front, toasty bread in the middle with hints of smoke and a very resinous finish likely from all the hops.

Overall Impression: It isn’t one for aging, if you have this one I don’t think it will improve at all with age in fact it will lose hops flavours.

Rating: I gave it a 7/10, very good overall but for the style there is way better out there.

Food Pairing: A rich dessert like turtle cheesecake would do well with this one, possibly bringing out a little more flavour in the beer.

Still a nice offering, but not going in my cellar anytime soon.



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