BC Craft Beer Review – Granville Island Brewing Shipload of Hops Imperial IPA

Granville Island Shipload of HopsGranville Island Brewing – Shipload of Hops Imperial IPA: Is a craft beer brewed on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC at a strength of 8.7% abv with 100 IBU’s and was enjoyed at home  from a bottle that was poured into my favourite beer glass for IPA’s.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cloudy copper with 1 finger of foam and some teeny small slow rising bubbles were observed in the glass. The aroma is muted citrus, mango, doughy bread, caramel and an overall floral note seems to be present. A little warning, at the bottom of the bottle is a whole shipload of gunky chunks so pour carefully – during my top up pour I swirled the yeasty gunk to reduce the size of the chunks and it added some neat flavour and texture to the beer.

Flavour: I get some nice chewy biscuit malt immediately from this one as well as some herbs, tangerine with a juicy middle that reveals some caramel and a grainy pine resin bitter finish that works nicely. Upon topping up with yeasty bottom, it got super grainy and yeast but not in a bad way!

Overall Impression: Great double IPA, I love DIPA’s that let the malts and hops shine!

Rating: I give it an excellent rating of 8/10, this delivered well and I would buy more for sure.

Food Pairing: Being that it isn’t overly bitter and it showcases some nice doughy caramel malts I would go with a big ass juicy steak here or beef tenderloin.

I consistently pick up the 22 oz bottle releases from GIB, they have yet to disappoint!


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