Craft Beer Review – No-Li Jet Star Imperial IPA

No Li - Imperial IPANo-Li Jet Star Imperial IPA: Is an Imperial IPA brewed in Spokane, WA at a strength of 8.1% and a whopping 115 IBU’s (or more) and was enjoyed at home in a 22 oz beer glass.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours an orange copper colour with three fingers of foam and some sporadic different sized bubbles. The aroma is overwhelmingly tangerine, with some biscuit malt and grapefruit which is mostly masked.

Flavour: They weren’t kidding about the IBU’s, although it is still malt forward with bready malt, the herbal bitter hops take over pretty quickly with some orange, tangerine and pine in the middle and very dry and bitter finish that is mostly herbs again.

Overall Impression: Although it’s malted up fairly well, the bitter hops do tend to overpower it a bit. This is a beer for bitter hop heads, if you like early addition bitters this is a beer you will love.

Rating: I give it a very good rating of 7/10, despite the high bitterness it was very good. With my palate I wouldn’t rate it higher as I don’t love high bitter beers like Palate Wrecker, but if you do be sure to grab this one.

Food Pairing: This would cut into some spicy food nicely, curried noodles would make a nice pairing.

This is the first No-Li beer I have tried, I am heading to the Washington beer fest later in the week, any suggestions on other beers they make that I should try please let me know?



4 thoughts on “Craft Beer Review – No-Li Jet Star Imperial IPA

      • If you’re ever passing through Spokane, the brewery is worth a stop. Good food and nice location. I had a flight of 9 different brews there and there wasn’t a stinker in the bunch.

      • Thanks for the recommendation, I have never been there (that I can recall) but would like to make a trip out that way and stop at a few places and then swing over to Walla Walla! I’ll be sure to stop in at the Brewery, their Chocolate and Coffee infused Wrecking Ball at the WA Brewers fest was very memorable!

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