BC Craft Beer Review – Nelson Brewing Harvest Moon Organic Hemp Ale

Nelson Brewing Harvest Moon Organic Hemp AleNelson Brewing – Harvest Moon Organic Hemp Ale: Is an organic kolsch brewed in Nelson, BC at a strength of 5% and was enjoyed at home from a can poured into a standard pub glass.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a very clear bubbly gold with very little foam and an aroma of hay, lemon and general freshness.

Flavour: The flavour is of fresh hay maltiness, a clean fresh middle with some nuttiness close to the finish which is a bit crisp.

Overall Impression: Nice and drinkable, the hemp adds a nutty flavour to the kolsch which helps, but nothing outstanding. This is a beer you could easily take to a picnic or party and easily polish off a 6 pack.

Rating: I give it an above average rating of 6/10, I like addition of hemp in beer in general because of the flavour it adds, but not too much going on here otherwise.

Food Pairing: Kolsch beers can be paired with pretty much anything, for this one, if you are ever in Nelson be sure to pair it with some Thor’s Pizza which is awesome stuff.

If you get a chance or even are driving through, be sure to stop in at Nelson and at least enjoy the waterfront. We have family there and always enjoy spending a couple of nights in the town. There are lots of great restaurants, people and plenty of things to do there!



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