Event Review – Vancouver Craft Beer Week Biercraft Belgian Showcase


So I went to the VCBW Belgian Showcase at Biercraft last night and I wanted to write up my review while the memories were still fresh. All in all the event was really good as there was lots of beer, it was all inclusive and they had some decent food options available for consumption. I think probably the most interesting part of the event was being able to talk to some of the brewers from pFriem and Commons in Oregon as well as saying good job in person to Ben from Dageraad one the debut of his Belgian Blonde (photo above) and the Belgian Amber. Both were great, the blonde ale was my favourite of the two. Here are my Coles Note’s on the evening out.

Number of beers – at least 50, about half on tap and half in bottles

Cost of the event and value for money – $73 including taxes and fees, since it was all inclusive the value for money was very high especially since a lot of these beers are somewhat pricey

Best in Show – although I really liked the Dageraad and Four Winds, the pFriem Super Saison (pictured below) was the most memorable and likely not something I’ll get to try again.

Highlights of the event – As mentioned before, chatting with the brewers is always fun as well as seeing them have their own scrums and imagining what kinds of concoctions they are coming up with. Also The overall selection of styles that included dubbels, tripels, quads, sours, lambics, saisons, local BC belgian’s and so on.

Biggest Disappointments – I had two, and they are common disappointments at most events like this, first they never let you in early so if you show up when the doors open you may find yourself in a 30 min line-up (I was early) and second, last call was at 10:30 which is way too early as in my opinion they should have served right up until 11pm. 

Photo’s of the Event:





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