Weekly Mash – June 2, 2014

Continuing my work on The Monday Mash I felt inspired by the kick off of VCBW  (and a recent sort of my cellar last week) to drink some really good BC beers as well as a few other imports that I re-discovered. Sadly I also had my first real skunked beer and a really bad local one too, but to appreciate the good stuff you sometimes have to tolerate the bad stuff too. Also, congrats to Old Yale Brewing for winning Canadian Beer of the Year for their Sasquatch Stout.

My Favourite Craft Beer’s from Last Week:

         Stillwater Artisanal Debutante Farmhouse Ale Four Winds Juxtapose Brett IPA                       

Weekly Craft Beer Review Recap:

  • Click here to see the best of my week’s reviews via Storify, or simply scroll down from this post.

Interesting Craft Beer Links Around the World:

  • BC Craft Brewers picked up I believe 38 (about 1/3 of available) medals in the Canadian Brewing Awards see winner list here via Canadian Beer News. Nicely done and Old Yale won Canadian Beer of the year so we all know what they are brewing lots of this morning. I am guessing the new owners are pretty please with their purchase right about now.
  • I found a handy guide to 10 distinctive hop flavours that I thought was worth a read, just follow this link via Draft Magazine.
  • Hoppapalooza happened last night, I didn’t go but will re-live through this Storify of all the #Hoppapalooza tagged tweets

Interesting Craft Beer Links BC and Vancouver:

  • Vancouver Craft Beer Week (VCBW) has started, I will be at the Biercraft Belgian Showcase tonight with my dad.
  • Dennis the Foodie has done a nice write up on 33 Acres Weekend Only Waffle and Beer pairings, I need to go here some time and so do you, check out his review here
  • Central City & Elysian Brewing collaborated and release I-5 Amarillo Ale last week for a Joey’s restaurants exclusive, apparently bottles are coming soon too. 

Adventure of the Week:

Personally, not too much going on for me this past week however we did sign my daughter up for a TRi KiDS Triathlon in Burnaby which was her first one that she seemed to have a lot of fun at. It was well organized, safe and pretty fun overall. The weather was nice so we had some good outside and hammock time through the weekend as well.


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