BC Craft Beer Review – Russell Brewing White Rabbit Hoppy Hefeweizen

Russell Brewing - White Rabbit Hoppy HefeweizenRussell Brewing – White Rabbit Hoppy Hefeweizen: Is a local Surrey brewed Hefeweizen at a strength of 6% abv that was enjoyed at home in a 22 oz beer glass.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a super cloudy and hazy golden amber with 2 fingers of foam, lots of visible bubbles and the usual wheat beer yeast gunk. The aroma is somewhat subtle lemon, orange, grapefruit and clove.

Flavour: This beer has some mild clove and banana with some lemon zest, a bit of a bitter grapefruit finish and a fresh, thick creamy body that has a lot wheat character in it (like liquid bread).

Overall Impression: Delicious, nicely balanced and captures the wheat perfectly.

Rating: I give it an excellent rating of 8/10, I really enjoyed this and would buy it again and recommend it to anyone who likes wheat beers.

Food Pairing: Save this for fajita or taco night at home.

I have always enjoyed Russel Brewing’s Brewmaster Limited Edition Series beers, Hop Therapy and Truth Serum are other good offerings. Check out their website for more!



4 thoughts on “BC Craft Beer Review – Russell Brewing White Rabbit Hoppy Hefeweizen

  1. I thought they balanced the hops nicely, I was a bit worried initially that it would be a hop monster, but they used the right hops and didn’t make it too bitter. It was so odd to have an unfiltered Russell beer, generally they are super clear and filtered. I am glad they didn’t filter this one and stayed true to the style for that part.

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