BC Craft Beer Review – Scandal Brewing Sugarloaf Chocolate Imperial Stout

Scandal Brewing - SugarloafScandal Brewing – Sugarloaf: Is a Chocolate Imperial Stout brewed in Prince George, BC that was poured into a snifter at home. I accidentally cellared this one for at least 6 months or more.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours reddish brown with lots of tiny bubbles everywhere and a thin layer of persistent foam. The aroma was toffee, chocolate, cocoa, candy, booze and oddly enough fudge.

Flavour: It showcases cocoa, light roasted coffee, brown sugar, a fairly light body and nutty middle with a dry finish and a hot chocolate aftertaste.

Overall Impression: I think cellaring this by accident was a good thing, it wasn’t really a stout but still decent. More of an Imperial Nut Brown.

Rating: I give it an above average rating of 6/10, the internet hates this beer for some reason and although I did drop the rating a bit for being off style, it didn’t offend me enough to rate it bad. At the end of the day I still enjoyed it.

Food Pairing: Chocolate beers should be paired with either ice cream as a float or local organic chocolate like Denman Island chocolate.

Go see this one on rate beer, it’s crazy how low it is rated.



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