Craft Beer Review – Double Mountain Hop Lava IPA

Double Mountain Hop Lava

Double Mountain – Hop Lava IPA:  Brewed in Hood River, OR at strength of 7% abv with 70 IBU’s, this IPA was poured into a 22 oz beer glass and enjoyed at home. 

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a hazy copper with 3 fingers of lacy foam and some sporadic small bubbles climbing up from the bottom of the glass. The aroma is a bit spicy and herbal (pepper and clove) with a nice grapefruit and tangerine citrus and a hint of grassy malt (likely from the Pilsner Malt they use).

Flavour: This is a very malt forward beer with lots of doughy malt, a herbal spicy middle and a very dry pine and herbal bitter finish with a grapefruit aftertaste.

Overall Impression: Has a pretty satisfying kick to it, overall good but quite bitter too. Something that Stone Ruination fans would likely rate very high.

Rating: I give it a 7/10 (very good), this is worth trying if you like IPA’s and especially if you like overly bitter ones.

Food Pairing: I would suggest dried or fresh mango smothered in chili powder.

One thing I do like about this place is the 500 mL bottle, I may have to start saving them as home brew bottles. It’s a nice size to deal with and consume, not too much and not too little, just right and fits perfectly into a 22 oz glass.


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