Craft Beer Review: Oskar Blues “Ten Fidy” Imperial Stout

Oskar Blues - Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

Oskar Blues “Ten Fidy” Imperial Stout:  Brewed in Colorado at strength of 10.5% (hence the name), this Imperial Stout came from a can and was enjoyed in a snifter like glass.

Aroma and Appearance: This a pours very dark brown, with a thick syrupy texture a touch of foam and some little bubble action just below the thin head. The aroma is huge on molasses, with dark chocolate, coffee and warm caramel.

Flavour: Like the aroma, the taste has molasses, coffee, chocolate and caramel with a bit of roasted marshmallow, minimal smoke and sweet and bitter finish.

Overall Impression: I am always surprised when an Imperial Stout is strong in alcohol, but not boozy. This was warming for sure, however so well balanced that it hides it well and you can sip at a decent rate.

Rating: I give it a 9/10 as in awesome, well priced, well balanced yet complex and available in a 12oz serving so you can have one at night without going overboard

Food Pairing: Chocolate truffles would be nice or salted caramel chocolates

I would say this is slight better than Singularity, am I crazy?


4 thoughts on “Craft Beer Review: Oskar Blues “Ten Fidy” Imperial Stout

  1. I wouldn’t say it was well priced but it was well worth every penny. This stuff is amazing and may help shut people up with the “cans give a metallic flavour to my beer” crowd. If you drink out of a fan then of course there will be a metallic flavour. Pour it into a can and it will be awesome!

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