Craft Beer Review – Against The Grain Brewery Citra Ass Down DIPA

Against The Grain Brewery - Citra Ass Down DIPA

Against The Grain Brewery Citra Ass Down DIPA: Known for their puns, artwork and one really nasty looking label, Against The Grain brewed this beer to a strength of 8.2% abv with 68 IBUs of hops featuring mostly Citra hops with some others on the side. The brewers suggest drinking this one straight from the can (it says to do so on the can), so I was happy to follow their advice, crack this open and explore it with their best intentions in mind.

Aroma and Appearance: Since I didn’t pour it into a glass, there’s no telling what the colour is or what the foam looks like. I did get some sweet dough and caramel aroma with wafts of lemon, grapefruit and orange citrus here and there as I uncomfortably positioned my nostrils above the pour spout to get a whiff.

Flavour: Lots of doughy malt and caramel up front with an orange and lemon citrus middle that highlights a rather chewy texture in the beer. On the finish it swirls into an intense grapefruit bitterness with little hints on pine wood and lemon peel on the aftertaste.

Overall Impression: I found it to be a nice tasty double IPA that has a good one-two punch of sweet malt and bitterness to it that I crave in this style. This could easily be a go-to beer after work when all you want to do is get home and sit your ass down in a chair and have a beer.

Rating: Excellent 8.5/10, you can’t go wrong with this one, especially for the $2 advertised price.

Food Pairing: Try this with some slightly tangy Maui style ribs seared up your barbecue, be careful you might finish it while still grilling them so try to save some for dinner!

As mentioned earlier, they are well known for some unusual labels but this one pictured on the right is just plain nasty.


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