Craft Beer Review – Coronado Blue Bridge Coffee Stout


Craft Beer Review – Coronado Blue Bridge Coffee Stout: Brewed in Coronado, California to a strength of 5.4% abv using dark roast coffee from San Diego, this is a year round offering that has recently made it’s way into BC private liquor stores.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a dark brown coffee colour with two fingers of foam and no visible bubbles. Its aroma is dark roast coffee beans, cocoa, cherries, vanilla and subtle lemon citrus notes.

Flavour: Dark coffee and chocolate up front with lots of toasty malts and a creamy mouth feel in the middle, finishing dry and slightly bitter.

Overall Impression: Pretty nice coffee stout, like an alcoholic iced latte.

Rating: Very good at 7.5 out of 10, would make a good go to coffee stout.

Food Pairing: Coffee cake or biscotti, something that pairs well with coffee.

Here’s the inspiration for the name of the beer (image from Looks like a damn fine place to visit, be sure check out their site!




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