BC Beer Bloggers Local Winter Favourites – A Multi-Blog Collaboration

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The Idea: About a month ago a group of us local BC Beer Bloggers (and one from Alberta) decided to get together and collaborate on a list of our favourite local winter craft beer from Western Canada, primarily British Columbia and a few from Alberta. We thought it would be fun to compare what we were looking forward too, to collaborate together and get the message out. Finally, what’s really the most fun part is researching, tasting and writing about some of the great beers we have here produced by some awesome local brewers.

The Process: All 5 bloggers were asked to come up with their top 5 or 6 beers that are normally released around this time of year and we would each choose three from our lists to help deal with any overlap. We picked beers that had meaning to us, beers we buy and enjoy every year and focused on seasonal releases typically seen only in the late fall / early winter months. We will each be writing about these beers over the course of 5 days starting November 27th and will continue through the weekend until our list of 15 beers in no particular order is complete.

The Bloggers: Largely recruited through our twitter network, the following 5 bloggers responded to the call and have put forth their lists of beers to be reviewed on their sites each adding their own personal flair to the project on their sites. Please be sure to check out their sites, bookmark them and explore each and everyone one of them. I have included the links to all of the reviews so far.

West Coast Beer Geek – A beer geeks perspective on craft beer, beer events, beer pairings and more.

Mike’s Craft Beer – Not for the weak of taste buds. Lots of great beer reviews, brewery reviews and events on this site.

Dennis the Foodie – Weaving a personal story of food and beer in Vancouver, BC. Very thorough food reviews, great photos and beer pairings.

Western Suds – An Alberta craft beer blog written by a craft beer enthusiast and ambassador for the growing Alberta craft beer scene.

Beer Rater – A beer guide without all the fluff, just some straight forward drinking advice.

And we are done, I hope everyone enjoyed this list, the reviews and most of all the great BC & AB Craft beers that were highlighted. Please engage us in conversations, enjoy our posts, try these beers and share our work if you like it.


9 thoughts on “BC Beer Bloggers Local Winter Favourites – A Multi-Blog Collaboration

  1. Awesome. Great to see you pool your resources and experiences. Nice to see Canadians ruling our own beer roost. We all will greatly benefit. Look forward to the results.

    • Thanks for the comment Dale, it’s always fun to collaborate (that must be why brewers do it so often!). So happy to see all of North America joining the craft beer revolution, I am loving all the creativity out there.

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