BC Craft Beer Review – Tin Whistle Penticton Harvest ‘Fresh Hop’ Honey Pale Ale

Tin Whistle Penticton Harvest Honey Pale Ale

Tin Whistle Penticton Harvest ‘Fresh Hop’ Honey Pale Ale: A later addition to the fresh hop lineup that is made with night harvested cascade hops from Lilloet, BC and wildflower honey from BC, this craft beer is brewed at a strength of 5% abv. The label claims it is brewed under a full moon every year, I am unsure of the validity of this claim however it makes for a fun story and more importantly a very nice fresh hopped beer. Interestingly, these guys do not seem to have a website but rather just a couple of social media accounts – too busy brewing beer I guess!

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a slightly cloudy honey golden colour with some small sized bubbles and a half inch of foam. The aroma is grassy with lemon citrus and of course honey.

Flavour: Sweet honey on the tip of your tongue, followed by bread malts a touch of oily hop presence and a lemon green tea leaf like bitter finish rounding out with a very crisp mouth feel that has a bit of bite to it.

Overall Impression: Very nice, the crispy mouth feel was a treat in this one.

Rating: I give it an excellent rating of 8/10, another great fresh hop BC beer.

Food Pairing: I wouldn’t at first, fresh hops are so unique that they should be enjoyed on their own but if you can find some honey goat cheese and spread it on some grainy crackers that would be quite nice.

Can’t wait for the next fresh hop beer I find!


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