BC Craft Beer Review – Dageraad De Witte 2014 & 2105 versions

Dageraad De Witte Sour Fermented Belgian Wheat Ale with Passionfruit 2015

Dageraad De Witte with Passion Fruit (2015): This year’s version is a Sour Fermented Belgian Wheat Ale brewed to a strength of 5.2% but this time with the addition passion fruit and a healthy dose of dry hopped Citra hops. It’s great to see a brewer use some creativity to change things up with their seasonal releases as you have to keep us beer geeks guessing and interested in your beer, to which variety is a key factor!

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a pale yellow gold colour with a finger of foam and lots of fizzy bubbles rising up the glass. The aroma is huge on the citrus notes with tangerine and lemon as well as some noticeable passion fruit and general tartness throughout.

Flavour: It features some big apple cider vinegar notes up front that weave their way into a tangerine and passion fruit dominated middle that finishes with a light lemon tartness and citrus blast.

Overall Impression: A lot of people really enjoyed this year’s version and I too thought it was quite nice, however I was left craving last years which had a lot more wheat texture to it on the tongue and was super awesome. I felt this was more approachable and perhaps probably better for our growing sour market in BC.

Rating: I give it an excellent rating of 8/10, my two bottles went pretty quickly.

Food Pairing: Some nice local goat cheese, or peppered pork chops would go nicely with the 2015 De Witte. Please note, they are brewing a second batch of this beer which will be available in August so if you missed it there will be more.

Dageraad De Witte Sour Fermented Belgian Wheat Ale

Dageraad De Witte (2014): Is a Sour Fermented Belgian Wheat Ale brewed locally in the Belgian tradition at a strength of 5.2% abv by our local Belgian brewer in Burnaby, BC who has been a really nice addition to the current local craft beer market.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a yellow gold colour with a tiny bit of foam and very few bubbles. The aroma is wheat malts, an acidic mild apple like sourness mirrored with a coriander a clove spice aroma.

Flavour: Classic wheat texture with a cider like taste and apple cider vinegar. acidic sourness and funk. some grains and coriander finish with a touch of orange rind mixed with mild apple sour in a very good way.

Overall Impression: It really works, and works well not overly sour but super tasty and a bit of a palate mind blowing experience.

Rating: I give it an awesome rating of 9/10, I want more of this.

Food Pairing: Pork chops, apple cider vinegar flavours go very well with pork chops and you can replicate that flavour with this beer.

Another win for Dageraad, be sure to support their beer and pick up some next time you go to a liquor store you won’t regret it.

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