BC Craft Beer Review – Hoyne Brewing Wolf Vine Fresh Hop Pale Ale

Hoyne Brewing Wolf Vine Fresh Hop Pale Ale

Hoyne Brewing Wolf Vine Fresh Hop Pale Ale: This common contender in the Fresh Hop beers in BC category, this Pale Ale is brewed at a strength of 5.3% ABV and an undisclosed IBU of fresh Centennial and Cascade hops from the Sartori Cedar Ranch Farm in Chilliwack, BC. This is probably the easiest fresh hop beer to find in BC, it doesn’t fly off the shelves like Driftwood’s Sartori but honestly it should!

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a clear golden copper colour with two fingers of foam and very few bubbles. The aroma is lemongrass, tangerine, mango and some mild herbs.

Flavour: Immediately I got oily lemon zest followed by a bit of caramel and chewy bread malt. The middle is toffee with a very mild touch of salty tartness (maybe diacetyl?) and a dry bitter finish that has some grapefruit notes.

Overall Impression: Enjoyed this one, not overly oily with lemon zest balanced by some nice malts.

Rating: I give it an excellent rating of 8/10, one I would buy again.

Food Pairing: I wouldn’t at first, fresh hops are so unique that they should be enjoyed on their own but if you must I would go with a sharp aged cheddar.

I have heard that Hoyne Brewing often gets slagged for Diacetyl off flavours and although I haven’t had a lot of their beer I think it is present in small amount in this beer. I am taking my first off-flavour course near the end of the month so hoping to confirm this after the BC Beer Awards, however it wasn’t unpleasant in anyway just different. Either way this was a great beer!


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