Craft Beer Review – Northwest Brewing Hoppy Bitch IPA

North West Brewing Company Hoppy Bitch IPA

Northwest Brewing Hoppy Bitch IPA: Brewed in Pacific, Washington the craft beer with a funny name comes in at a strength of 6.3% abv and 80 IBU’s. While rummaging through a bottle shop and grabbing copious amounts of craft beer, my wife found this for me and put in our cart.

Aroma and Appearance: This pours with two fingers of foam and some sporadic small bubbles can be seen in the orange copper beer. The aroma was floral, with mango and bread.

Flavour: It has some caramels that come into play as it warms, but mostly mango and bread with a piney herbal bitter finish/

Overall Impression: Decent, especially when the caramels come into play. Often these beers are a bit too bitter for me until the sweet caramel from the specialty malts reveals itself.

Rating: I give it a 7/10, very good overall.

Food Pairing: Pines and herbs go well with lamb chops, try some curried lamb.

If I have never heard of a brewery, I have to admit names like these will at least catch my attention amongst 3000+ bottles of beer in a bottle shop. Does that work on you too?



8 thoughts on “Craft Beer Review – Northwest Brewing Hoppy Bitch IPA

  1. Yeah, much as I’d hate to admit I can judge books by their covers, some interesting artwork or a provocative name would make me at least consider purchasing.

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