BC Craft Beer Review – Parallel 49 Hopnotist Single Hop Mosiac Imperial IPA

parallel 49 Hopnotist

Parallel 49 Hopnotist: Is a local Vancouver brewed Single Hop Imperial IPA featuring 86 IBUs of the famous Mosiac Hop strain and is brewed at a strength of 8.5% abv. I honestly thought I had missed this one, couldn’t find it anywhere until recently I had a craft calling while walking by the Paddlewheeler Pub Liquor store in New West, a place I wasn’t planning on visiting while walking through the Quay but for some reason I did. I wish lottery tickets worked this way, but alas I’ll stick with the craft calling for now (thank-you Ninkasi)! I pulled this from the fridge and gave it a good 10 or so minutes to get to the right temperature before opening.

Aroma and Appearance: I poured aggressively down the middle of the glass, it was deceiving until the foam rush and I had to quickly slow my pour to get just three fingers of foam. The beer had some small slow rising bubbles in the middle and an orange copper colour with just a little bit of suspended gunk in it, which is not uncommon to Imperial IPA’s. The aroma was like a fresh peach doused in a bit of caramel, some grainy malt and a peach tart.

Flavour: The malt is both grainy and doughy at first and then the peaches kick in with peach fuzz, peach tart, some honey on the top of the tongue and a toffee malt backbone that finishes with a fair bit of wood resin that builds as it crosses your palate.

Overall Impression: Really good stuff, if you like Mosaic Hops (who doesn’t right?) than this is a beer for you. I was a little worried the Imperial strength would hide the hop, but there is plenty of it in there to bring out the characteristics that make it so popular.

Rating: I give it an excellent rating, 8/10 quality Imperial IPA that delivers a nice hop bitter punch balanced out by some nice malts.

Food Pairing: As a single hop beer, for your first have it on it’s own to really learn the hop. Second one, try tortilla chips with a spicy peach salsa.

I am glad to see the innovation at Parallel 49, not everything is a hit but most are pretty good if not excellent (especially their special releases). Here are my other reviews of their beers -> Parallel 49 Reviews.



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