Craft Beer Review – Alaskan Brewing Barleywine (2013 Vintage)

Alaskan Brewing Barleywine 2013Alaskan Brewing Barleywine (2013 Vintage): Brewed in Juneau, Alaska at a monster strength of 10.7%, this barleywine has 50 IBUs and was poured from a 22 oz bottle into a snifter glass at home.

Aroma and Appearance: The colour is dark mahogany and it pours with minimal foam accompanied by some small bubbles near the sides of the glass. Its aroma is complex with dark fruits, candied sugar, toffee, raisins, molasses and booze.

Flavour: I got a lot of dark fruity malt and some hot booze at the beginning, however it settles into the toffee and plum quickly with a sweet malt finish that tingles your tongue and throat.

Overall Impression: Although highly drinkable now, would likely mellow out with age quite nicely. Being that it is 10.7% its pretty much a one and done type of night since a whole bottle is 4-5 standard drinks.

Rating: Easily an 8/10, potential for higher with age. This was my test bottle to see if I want to cellar more and it was a yes.

Food Pairing: Salty prosciutto and dates stuffed with blue cheese would be a nice touch.

I am working through some of my tester bottles of barleywine that have sat for at least 6 months of longer to see what I want more of for my cellar (tough work I know). Stay tuned to this blog for more!



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