BC Craft Beer Review – White Rock Beach Beer Company Fruit Pale Ale

White Rock Beach Beer Company - Fruit Pale Ale

White Rock Beach Beer Company – Fruit Pale Ale: Is pale ale from a nano-nano brewer in White Rock, BC that opened up recently and I just haven’t gotten down there to pick up a growler yet. I finally did grab a 1L growler from them after sampling their beer and once I got home I had to pour myself a fresh glass. 

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cloudy copper with an inch of foam and no visible bubbles in the glass. The aroma was bready malt, mild citrus and hints of spicy herbs.

Flavour: It is very fresh tasting with bready malt, citrus notes a hint of caramel with a yeasty grain middle and a dry bitter finish.

Overall Impression: These guys are really interesting, they are probably the smallest brewer out there right now and their beer is very “home brew” like (in a good way).

Rating: I give it a very good rating of 7/10, this is the point where I would recommend them to others but not rush out to buy more since I have a pretty solid stock at home to choose from. It’s worth making the trip and buying at least 1L, I mean $7 for a Litre of draught beer…why not right?

Food Pairing: Go with sharp cheddar, pale ales go perfectly with sharp white aged cheddar. I had mine with pizza and it worked great because well pizza + beer = awesome (I call that algebeer).

Be sure to go to their brewery when they are open, go to www.whiterockbeachbeer.com to check their hours of the week since they tend to vary. Also, on Sundays White Rock has a great farmers market right near by which is great, just be sure to be early so they don’t run out before your fill. Also, be sure to ask them about where their spent grain goes, it makes for a funny story.

I needed a summer hat, so I bought this one since I grew up near here and it’s actually decently made.

White Rock Beach Beer Company - hat

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