Craft Beer Review – Firestone Walker Double Jack Double IPA

Firestone Walker Double Jack DIPAFirestone Walker – Double Jack Double IPA: Is a very popular and highly rated Imperial IPA brewed in Paso Robles, CA at a strength of 9.5% abv and 85 IBUs. I poured this into my IPA beer glass in anticipation of another great uber IPA. It is part of their Proprietors Reserve Series, can it sound anymore like wine?

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a slightly cloudy gold copper colour with 1 finger of foam and a whole lot of bubbles. The aroma is juicy orange and mango with some tropical notes, some fresh pine, notes of sweet honey and a hint of biscuit malt.

Flavour: The flavour starts with a nice biscuit malt (good start) followed by some honey on the tip of the tongue, some citrus and sticky malt in the middle and a nice resinous earthy pine bitter finish that surprises you with some hidden caramel notes.

Overall Impression: Anticipation satisfied, lots of good flavours going on here and even a 6 month old bottle holds up well.

Rating: I give it an excellent rating of 8/10, a fresh bottle would likely rate higher (if I find one I’ll modify this review). I have more of this stuff, it’s great!

Food Pairing: Go with Cajun grilled salmon or a nice steak.

Below is a video of this sucker fermenting, some pretty crazy yeast action going on there!

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