Powell Street Brewery Dive Bomb Porter

Powell Street Dive Bomb Porter

Powell Street Brewery – Dive Bomb Porter: Another somewhat rare bottle find from Powell Street Brewery is their Dive Bomb Porter, brewed at a strength of 5% alcohol with 33 IBU’s enjoyed in a snifter like glass from a 22oz bottle at home.

Aroma and Appearance: Pours a dark brown with a ridiculous amount of head and carbonation exploding out of the bottle in globs of foam for a couple of minutes (glad I had a towel nearby) and had a nutty and smoky aroma that was hard to discern further due to the think layers of foam that never went away.

Flavour: Smoky coffee, chocolate and what seemed like a salted caramel finish, oddly light mouth-feel from the carbonation and later on some vanilla notes were discovered on the second pour which was almost as foamy as the first.

Overall Impression: The over carbonation of this bottle really ticked me off, way too much carbonation going on here for a porter. The beer itself was good, but I think it would be a lot better on tap or with a lot less carbonation. Interesting enough, any bottles I have had from this place seem to be a bit over carbonated, however this one was to the point of silliness.

Rating: I had ranked the bottle version somewhat low, however I have since discovered it was very old. I talked to the brewery and after seeing this picture they offered me a pint at the location when it’s ready again. Very impressed with their customer service.

Food Pairing: Would go nicely with smoked gouda, double smoked bacon or a grilled steak.




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