Four Winds – Triplicity

Four Winds TriplicityFour Winds – Triplicity: Brewed in Delta, BC from the the hottest emerging brewery in the province right now, at an uber strength of 9.0% with 33.3 IBU’s poured from a 750mL bottle into a goblet glass.

Aroma and Appearance: Pours a nice clear copper, super foamy and has a swirling vortex of bubbles constantly rising up in a column in the middle of the glass. Aroma consists of toffee, dark fruits, cherries and a bit of floral hops.

Flavour: This has an incredibly light body and a very effervescent mouth-feel from the carbonation, almost champagne like to be honest. The flavour starts with dark fruit and toffee, with notes of the sage and honey and eventually as it warms and finishes a heavy yet pleasant coriander that will stay with you for hours. Amazingly, you could never tell by the taste that this was 9% alcohol.

Overall Impression: I get the feeling that this is what a lot of Belgium beers taste like when the are fresh on tap in Belgium, instead of travelling halfway across the world to our stores here. Almost like a souped up saison from the mouth-feel, yet true to the style for the flavour and complexity. I had this last night and this morning I bought some more for my cellar, I think it has some serious aging potential here. Just be careful trying to stand up after finishing a bottle.

Rating: I give it a 9/10 as in awesome, they hit all the right marks and left a serious impression on me, so much that I had to go get more as soon as I could (and now have to make room in my cellar). I also have a soft spot for bottle conditioned beer, to me that is the best form of carbonation and gives a beer just a little more character.

Food Pairing: A soft cheese like goat cheese would be nice with this, or prosciutto.

What’s your take on this, Belgian enough for you?


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