Craft Beer Review – Two Beers Brewing Fresh Hop IPA

Two Beers Brewing - Fresh Hop IPA

Two Beers Brewing Fresh Hop IPA: Brewed in Seattle, WA at a strength of 6.2% abv, this fresh hop variant features 70+ IBUs of 5 different hop varieties, specifically using fresh Centennial hops from Yakima Valley that were harvested in early August and rushed straight to the brewery to be used immediately.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cloudy copper colour with one finger of white fluffy foam and minimal carbonation. The aroma features sweet dough with hints of passion fruit and tangerine citrus.

Flavour: There is a distinctive sweet bready dough flavour that dominates the front of the beer until some whispers of passion fruit and black tea notes appear in the middle. As it approaches the end, the tangerine aroma translates into a sweet juicy finish that leads into a very bitter herbal and earthy aftertaste.

Overall Impression: A very enjoyable beer with a pleasant malt profile and just enough of a tea like fresh hop presence to make it a bit unique.

Rating: I give it a very good rating of 7.5/10, a solid effort from the brewery.

Food Pairing: I think this would pair really well with beef stew, the herbal finish would add a lot of nice complementary flavours to an already herbal meaty stew – you could even add some to the soup base if you wanted.

Harvesting fresh hops is a lot of work and you want to do it fast enough so you can pick them all in a couple of hours, thankfully there always seems to be a slew of volunteers ready and willing to help out. Check out these hard working individual shown on their Facebook Page picture below. Please check them out online!

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