BC Craft Beer Review – Driftwood Brewery Obscuritas Dark Sour

Driftwood Obscuritas Dark Sour

Driftwood Brewery Obscuritas Dark Sour: This is a 7.6% abv sour beer released recently in BC with a lofty description and a pretty freaking cool looking label on it. I’d love to tell you more about the beer, but there’s literally no information about it posted anywhere, so I guess they were going for the mystery factor with this one.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a pleasant mahogany brown colour with a touch of foam and some bubbles appearing near the top of the glass at the foam border. Its aroma is fairly complex, featuring cherries, sweet sugar, mild raspberry tartness as well as hints of bread, plum, nectarine, raisins and toffee. It really envelops your entire olfactory system, I spent more time smelling this one than I care to admit.

Flavour: Obscuritas is quite sweet upfront with hints of bitter pomegranate juice and leather to quickly balance it out. In the middle, it features a mild apple cider vinegar sourness, a few tart cherries and a touch of bread malt while finishing with more cherries and raspberry tartness; a tasting note that become more pronounced as the beer warms.

Overall Impression: This is a fairly mild sour beer that works well, after the amazing aroma I was hoping for an equally amazing flavour. However, I’m so-so on cherries and that likely influenced my rating a little bit as it’s a palate I am working to develop.

Rating: Very good at 7/10, it won’t knock your socks off but it delivers the goods and if you are in love with cherries this will probably be a real hoot for your, owl bet you’ll love it actually.

Food Pairing: I think some dark chocolate would pair well with this, given that dark chocolate and cherries pair nicely together it would be neat to try.

They’ve re-branded their entire line up at Driftwood, featuring new labels from design company Hired Guns Creative. Here’s the product shot they sent out, which you have to admit is a pretty damn cool looking label.


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