BC Craft Beer Review – Bomber Brewing Apex Barleywine

Bomber Brewing Apex Barleywine

Bomber Brewing Apex Barleywine: Brewed to a strength of 10% abv with apparently 15 different malts and 73 IBU’s, this barleywine was aged in french oak red wine barrels for 9 months before bottling and was released in January 2015.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a dark red amber colour with minimal foam and some centered carbonation. The aroma is brown sugar, sweet toffee, earth, oak, vanilla, caramel and a bit of plum.

Flavour: It is quite boozy and a bit syrupy with some toffee up front followed by oak resin and caramel in the middle, finishing with an earthy bitterness and some cherry dark fruit sweetness.

Overall Impression: If you like barleywines you can handle this now, but despite 9 months in the oak barrels this could use more time to tone down and mellow out. In a couple years I think this will improve quite a bit, I have four bottles in the cellar that I’ll open every year to test out.

Rating: Very good at 7/10 for me, barleywine fans won’t likely be put off by the harshness and booze however, for people who aren’t in love with the style this probably isn’t the one for you until it cellars for a couple years and mellows.

Food Pairing: Cheesecake would work well here.

Bomber is pretty new to the scene, officially opening their doors in early 2014 so they must have brewed this as soon as they started making beer. Here’s a video they made of their story which is kinda cool!

2 thoughts on “BC Craft Beer Review – Bomber Brewing Apex Barleywine

  1. I have to agree. It was pretty good but tasted really young. I think it will probably mellow out nicely with time though. And yes from what I understand it was one of their first brews.

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