BC Craft Beer Review – Steamworks Blitzen Belgian Tripel

Steamworks Blitzen

Steamworks Blitzen Belgian Tripel: This is an Abbey Tripel released during the winter months of Vancouver, BC which is brewed to a strength of 9% abv. This beer actually won a silver medal at the 2014 World Beer Cup in Denver, CO and is one I like to pick up once a year to enjoy over the holidays. I have yet to try aging it, maybe if I have room in my cellar by next Christmas I will buy a few more, but in the meantime here’s why I make it a part of my regular seasonal lineup.

Aroma and Appearance: This beer pours a clear golden honey colour with almost no foam and a very bubbly center. Its aroma is banana, pears, cloves, gooseberries, caramel and a hint of booze.

Flavour: Upfront the cloves are quite noticeable and a bit dominating while in the middle the light body and mouth feel highlight the caramel, the candy sugar and some of the booze. It finishes with a very familiar banana and coriander spice flavour that Tripels are known for and I love the way the spice sits on the back of you palate and warms your throat.

Overall Impression: A nice winter warmer type of beer, perfect for a cold evening by the fireplace. I have since tweeted them to see if they have considered aging this in oak white wine barrels, they seemed at least interested but not commitment so far. Honestly, I think this beer on oak would be fantastic and they could blend it with some fresh stuff to get the right balance for 2015’s release.

Rating: Excellent at 8/10, one I will buy again at the end of the year.

Food Pairing: Prosciutto, or if you happen to find it Hickory Farms has a Summer Turkey Sausage that is slightly sweet and it would go very well with this one too.

Below is a quick video of their Blitzen reindeer helping get this beer out the door, you can see they have a little fun from time to time!

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