BC Craft Beer Review – Powell Street Stout

Powell Street Stout

Powell Street Stout: brewed in Vancouver, BC at a strength of 6% abv and 45 IBUs this beer with a clean logo and non fancy name was kind of a nice change of pace for the local brewing scene who seems to be super addicted to crazy labels and pun-filled names (many of which I enjoy, so not a dig at them at all). It’s great to see someone release a beer simply called Stout every now and again.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a dark brown colour with two fingers of tan foam and no visible bubbles. The aroma is cocoa, smoke, roasted oats and toasted bread.

Flavour: At the beginning the smoke present with some nice cocoa notes, in the middle the toasted bread comes through with hints of darker chocolate and a slightly creamy texture and it finishes dry with a touch of ash.

Overall Impression: It’s pretty good, not complicate or anything, but very good.

Rating: Very good at 7/10, this is a safer beer but well executed and tasty.

Food Pairing: Smoked Gouda or Cheddar would make for a nice pairing.

Here’s a little shot of the primary fermentation from the brewer when they made this beer that they recently posted on their Facebook page:


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