Craft Beer Review – Southern Tier Imperial Pumking

Southern Tier Imperial Pumking

Southern Tier Imperial Pumking: Brewed in Lakewood, New York at a strength of 8.6% abv, this is one of the top rated pumpkin beers in the world. Interesting enough, they also were one of the first to be released in like August this year which is a pretty serious example of seasonal creep in the beer world that sort of bugs me.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a burnt orange with a small layer of white foam and lots of little bubbles. The aroma is literally pumpkin pie, basically nutmeg, pumpkin, brown sugar and pie crust.

Flavour: About the same as the aroma, strong pumpkin pie flavour with pie crust, sugar, pumpkin and spices.

Overall Impression: It’s so weird that this actually works and works well. I mean this is either a 100% hit, or complete miss and they got it just right.

Rating: The most seasonal of pumpkin beers and is excellent at 8/10, well made and tasty.

Food Pairing: You could drink this after a Thanksgiving turkey dinner and feel like you didn’t miss out on the pie or maybe pair it with some chocolate or brownies. They actually recommend carrot cake which would be interesting.

In the video below  they talk about the beer, it’s properties and show a little bit about the brewing process.

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