Craft Beer Review – Brooklyn Brewing Sorachi Ace

Brooklyn Brewing Sorachi Ace

Brooklyn Brewing – Sorachi Ace: Is a New York brewed ale made with a rarer hop variety called Sorachi, is bottle conditioned with champagne yeast and has an abv strength of 7.6%. This Saison or Farmhouse Ale was promptly chilled, poured into a snifter and enjoyed at home.

Aroma and Appearance: As with many ales of this style the beer is very foamy with lots of carbonation and it pours a cloudy honey. The aroma is spicy coriander, grains, earth and lemon.

Flavour: It has a very smooth and effervescent mouth feel with tasting notes of lemon citrus, light sweet grains, hay, a bit of farm funk and soft bitter dry finish that feels kind of velvety.

Overall Impression: This is a nice representation of the style, very well done, balanced and still interesting.

Rating: I thought it was excellent, so 8/10, one I would gladly have again and will buy more of in the future.

Food Pairing: Farmers sausage and farmers cheese would be nice here.

Saison’s make really nice refreshing beers to consumer, sometimes they are a bit over carbonated which hides a bit of the flavour however I think this one had just enough bubbles to get that wonderful light mouth feel without over doing it. The alcohol was rather hidden and makes this bottle kind of a one and done for the evening drink since it’s 7.6% abv and comes in a 750mL sparkling wine corked bottle. The cork was easy enough to remove without help, the foam didn’t explode out of the top like some do and as it warms the flavour only changes slightly. Good work by Brooklyn Brewery on this one, I’ll buy and review other stuff by them soon enough.



3 thoughts on “Craft Beer Review – Brooklyn Brewing Sorachi Ace

  1. I think this ale is outstanding – I just bottled my own Sorachi Ace Saison and will post a review once it’s carbonated and ready…

    • Nice, a fresh home brew sorachi ace saison sounds like a dream come true brew. Out of all the saison’s I have had this ranks in the cream of the crop so far. I wonder how it ages?

      • I post a summary of this recipe and how it turned out once it’s been in the bottle long enough to carbonate and condition a bit

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