Craft Beer Review – Hofbräuhaus München Original

Hofbräuhaus München Original

Hofbräuhaus München – Original: Is a Bavarian Helles Lager from Germany and brewed at a strength of 5.1%, this is an older style beer that was poured into a 22 oz beer glass from a bottle at home.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a perfectly clear golden yellow with lots of carbonation and two fingers of paper white foam. The aroma is muted straw, lemon and sweet malt.

Flavour: It has a mild, clean and crisp straw flavour with some hay and slightly bitter hops and a carbonated refreshing mouth feel.

Overall Impression: Despite it’s clarity, the beer is a bit filling and an easy drinker without too much going on.

Rating: I give it above average rating of 6/10, nice but not exciting.

Food Pairing: For something like this, go with some Bavarian sausages or German salami.

It’s fun to pick up beers like this once and a while, they are always good and its serves you well to try original style defining beers occasionally amongst the crazy experimental madness we all love. I don’t know enough about these guys to say if they are craft or not, but will go with that for now even though they are state owned.


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