BC Craft Beer Review – Stanley Park Brewing Belgian Noble Pilsner

Stanley Park Belgian Noble PilsnerStanley Park Brewing – Belgian Noble Pilsner: Is a Delta, BC (not Stanley Park) brewed Pilsner at a strength of 5.1% abv with 12 IBU’s and was poured into a beer glass.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a very clear, watery (oh, oh) faint yellow with some bubbles in the middle and basically no foam. The aroma is skunky pilsner malt – not bad skunky, but normal pilsner skunky – with some grass and muted hay.

Flavour: a bit of light lemon, grass and water.

Overall Impression: why did I buy this exactly?  It could have at least had a crisp finish but that was missing too!!!

Rating: I give it a not very good rating of 3/10, upon examining the price and taste I think a Heineken would have been a better choice and that says something.

Food Pairing: better beer, drain pipes perhaps?

I will have to try their Wit beer as I have heard it is actually decent, but I won’t be buying this on purpose again and thank goodness it was a single. This is my personal opinion of this beer and this breakdown of the brewery itself by Barley Mowat  is pretty funny!



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