BC Craft Beer Review – Lighthouse Sauertieg Farmhouse Ale

Lighthouse SaurtiegLighthouse – Sauertieg Farmhouse Ale: This saison / farmhouse ale is brewed in Victoria at a strength of 7% abv with a sourdough starter yeast from a local bakery (Sauertieg as I learned is the essentially sourdough in German). This was enjoyed at home in a 22 oz glass.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a very clear golden honey, with a crazy amount of bubbles, a generous 3 fingers of foam and a quality head retention. The aroma is spicy coriander, grass, yeast and pepper.

Flavour: I got a lot of spice and some mild sour upfront, with a creamy yet light mouth feel and doughy middle and a slightly bitter spicy finish.

Overall Impression: This was nice and kind of interesting in it’s creation. Likely a lot of beers and farmhouse ales were probably made with bread yeast starters in the older days. Hard to tell it’s 7% abv, pretty strong for a saison but it isn’t noticeable.

Rating: I give it a very good rating of 7/10, an interesting offering partnering with a local bakery and worth a try. I was wishing it had a bit of that typical farmhouse funk in it, that would have been a real treat.

Food Pairing: These kinds of beers pair quite nicely with peppery salami or farmers sausage or a peppered goat cheese.




2 thoughts on “BC Craft Beer Review – Lighthouse Sauertieg Farmhouse Ale

    • Yeah, it’s work trying for sure. It was a bit hard to find, I don’t think they made a bunch of it to be honest but should still be some bottles out there. I commend their creativity on this one, they are one of my favourite under the radar breweries.

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