Craft Beer Review – Central City Red Racer Belgian Wheat Ale

Central City Belgian WheatCentral City Red Racer Belgian Wheat Ale: This wheat beer is brewed in Surrey, BC at a strength of 5% alcohol with 16 IBU’s and was enjoyed in a new 22oz beer glass (almost enough to hold a 650mL beer)

Aroma and Appearance: Pours a hazy golden colour with 2 fingers of foam and I observed some tiny little bubbles climbing up the side of the glass. The aroma is primarily lemon and coriander.

Flavour: It starts of with lemon and spice with a medium body, bready wheat malt, coriander and a orange and peppery finish with little to no bittering.

Overall Impression: I had this bottle fairly quickly after I saw it on their shelves so it was quite fresh and enjoyable, perfect for a warm spring evening.

Rating: I give it a 8/10 (excellent) as this was a seriously great and interesting wheat beer. It’s nice to have access to a European style of beer that didn’t have to travel across the ocean and get stale.

Food Pairing: A soft creamy cheese like neufchatel would be awesome.

For more info on Central City Brewing or this beer, please check out their website

Is it just me or has this place seriously increased their quality since opening up their new gigantic brewery?



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