Craft Beer Review – Base Camp Brewing S’More Stout

Base Camp S'more Stout

Base Camp Brewing S’More Stout: As the summer camping season winds down, I can’t help but write about the best camping beer I’ve ever known which is brewed in Portland, Oregon by Base Camp Brewing. This beer is brewed to a strength of 7.7% abv and if ordered at the brewery they serve it with a toasted marshmallow as a garnish. The nice thing about this beer in particular, although it emulates some flavours in a s’more, they don’t go crazy trying to make it gimmicky by adding actual s’more ingredients.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a dark brown colour with one finger of foam and just a few noticeable bubbles. The aroma showcases hints of graham cracker like malts, chocolate, vanilla, roasted grains and whiffs of charred marshmallow fluff.

Flavour: Up front it has a huge chocolate presence, a nice rich dark chocolate flavour with some biscuity malts mixed in. Through the middle, it features vanilla, dark roasted coffee, Oreo cream and just a hint of mild smoke as it moves into a mashmallowy sooty dry finish that’s reminiscent of those little charred crispy bits on a perfectly roasted marshmallow in a s’more.

Overall Impression: I love the use of malts to emulate a chocolatey s’more, with going into the gimmicky sweetness that some beers of this nature do. This is a great stout!

Rating: I give it an excellent rating of 8.5/10, a perfect camping beer with the bonus of coming in an unbreakable metal bottle.

Food Pairing: Anything cooked over a campfire, hopefully a s’more.

I took their advice and tried this the way the serve it in the pub! Sorry for the dark picture, but I was camping and it was night time and the marshmallow was ooey gooey deliscious.


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