IPA Review – Superflux Colour & Shape


Superflux Colour & Shape IPA: Formerly known as Machine Ales who operated out of Callister’s co-op model brewery, Superflux is the new operating name for these folks who made themselves known as masters of IPA’s and hop forward beers. They were currently contract brewing out of Dogwood Brewing while searching for a place to set themselves up, which of course takes absolutely forever in British Columbia due to the weird regulations and lots of red tape. They seem to release small batch beers every few weeks or so and the only place to find information is their Instagram page. Anyway, this is actually a review of their first ever Colour & Shape release, which is brewed to a strength of 6.8% abv and has actually improved after a couple months in the fridge. Some private stores carry it and Superflux is still looking for a place to setup.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a very hazy and thick orange copper colour with some fast rising small bubbles and one finger of white foam that laces the glass a bit as it goes down. The aroma is super citrus forward, featuring tangerine, lemon zest, grapefruit rind and tropical mango with a touch of biscuit malt.

Flavour: At first the zesty lemon and tangerine citrus notes envelop your palate and are paired up with a subtle biscuit malt presence. The middle has a thick and pulpy texture, a big body and nuances of tropic mango and pineapple before moving to an ever so slightly floury textured pine resin finish and orange juice aftertaste.

Overall Impression: The body is super thick, almost smoothie thick, and I felt it tasted much better after a couple of months in the fridge which is odd for an IPA. I believe it needed time to settle and balance out for me to really enjoy what it can offer.

Rating: I gave it an excellent rating of 8/10, I had been waiting on my last can and the wait totally paid off.

Food Pairing: A grilled pineapple teriyaki burger, spicy fries or some fairly plain cheese so as not to overwhelm it.

Like I said before, they only seem to have an Instagram presence, so  please follow them here if you want to know more about their releases.

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