Craft Beer Cocktail – Tequila Berliner Sun Weisse

Tequila Berline Sun Weisse

Tequila Berliner Sun Weisse: The following beer cocktail is inspired by a classic Tequila Sunrise cocktail and the common practice of adding syrups to Berliner Weisse beers for added flavour and/or aging them in Tequila barrels. Here I’ve essentially combined the two ideas into a beer cocktail that captures the essential flavours of each ingredient while adding a bit of sour tang to a traditional Tequila Sunrise. After making and enjoying a few of these, I thought it was worthy of sharing and posting about it. I had a bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold that was already open so I used that as my Tequila which is a decent mixer, I used store bought grenadine and freshly brewed Berliner Weisse beer from Four Winds Brewing.

Flavour: The taste is similar to a Tequila sunrise as you get the citrus forward orange juice up front with some sweetness from the grenadine syrup, a touch of pomegranate flavour and a nice tequila finish. However instead of getting that pulpy orange juice mouth-feel on the finish of a full orange juice cocktail, there’s an added apple cider vinegar tang and tartness which digs into the Tequila and adds some depth and intensity to the spirit which is enhanced further by the carbonation and faint wheat texture from the beer. It’s juicy, not overly sweet and well balanced for a cocktail which makes it dangerously easy to put a few back on the patio so be forewarned!


  • 1oz of your favourite house brand mixer Tequila
  • 1/2 glass Berliner Weisse beer
  • 1/2 glass Orange Juice
  • Splash of grenadine syrup on top
  • Garnish with and Orange Slice

I used a pre-mix Grenadine in this cocktail, however I want to tray making it myself so here’s a link to a simple recipe for making your own (hint it’s just equal parts POM juice and sugar, reduced to your preferred thickness). I’ll try making this next time and update the post.

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