Craft Beer Review – Russian River Blind Pig IPA

Russian River Blind Pig

Russian River Blind Pig IPA: This was a bucket list beer of mine that I was super excited to try and it did really live up to its name. Brewed in Santa Rosa, CA to a strength of 6.1% with 70 IBUs this beer is meant to be drank as fresh as possible, my bottle was barely a month old.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a clear golden colour with an inch of foam and average carbonation. The aroma is peach, mango, passion fruit with hints of gooseberry, grapefruit and caramel.

Flavour: Toffee, caramel and honey on the tip of the tongue upfront with nectarine and orange peel and bready malt in the middle. It finishes with a huge, fresh juicy grapefruit bitterness and some more caramel that lingers on the palate.

Overall Impression: Similar flavour profile to so many IPA’s, but this works together so well in terms of balance, complexity and the order that the flavours present themselves.

Rating: Awesome at 9/10, one of the best IPA’s out there.

Food Pairing: Spicy chips, nuts or any snack food that has a spicy kick to it would work great with this beer.

Here’s a little pic of their tap list, I am little sad to see how cheap Damnation bottles are on site compared to what I paid for mine, but oh well still happy to have one to try.

2 thoughts on “Craft Beer Review – Russian River Blind Pig IPA

  1. Vinny C makes some darn good beers. I (sadly) see that he’s named one “Defenestration.” I once named a high ABV (for me it was) beer, “Defenestrate Me Home.” I thought it was clever, since who ever hears the word, “defenestrate”?

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