BC Craft Beer Review – Moon Under Water Pumpkin Pearzen Weizen

Moon Under Water Pumpkin Pearzen

Moon Under Water Pumpkin Pearzen Weizen: brewed in Victoria, BC at a strength of 7% abv, this Weizen style beer is made with fresh local pumpkins and is infused with  pears; just the kind of variation I am looking for in pumpkin beers these days.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cloudy orange and copper colour with one finger of white foam and lots of little bubbles that go up the side of the glass. Its aroma consists of cloves, pears, banana, squash and cinnamon.

Flavour: Starts with banana and a noticeable wheat texture, with cloves, pumpkin innards and nutmeg in the middle, finally finishing with a sweet pears and spicy aftertaste.

Overall Impression: Impressive, balanced yet distinctive flavours and noticeable fresh.

Rating: Solid 8/10, excellent beer where the pumpkin is more there as a mashing sugar than the primary feature of the beer.

Food Pairing: Compliment this beer with a roasted pork loin sandwich topped with pears and melted brie cheese for a perfect pairing.

After some careful Google searching I came across this Essay written in 1946 by George Orwell called The Moon Under Water describing his ideal pub. It is honestly a very intriguing read, a bit reminiscent of the time yet still contains some inspiration. Click here to read it, it’s copywrited so I can’t re-post it unfortunately.


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