BC Craft Beer Review – Moon Under Water Tranquility IPA

Moon Under Water Tranquility IPAMoon Under Water – Tranquility IPA: Is an IPA brewed in Victoria, BC at a strength of 6.5%, with 71 IBU’s and was poured in to a 22 oz beer glass at home.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cloudy orange copper with 1 finger of foam and some tiny sporadic bubbles. The aroma is lots of citrus orange, grapefruit and fresh pine.

Flavour: The flavour is quite hop forward with an overwhelming amount of pine resin, some chewy bready malt, a bit of orange and more stalky pine resin, with more pine, did I mention pine?

Overall Impression: Not for my palate, too bitter and piney and way out of balance.

Rating: I give it a below average rating of 4/10, it falls under the way too much going on to be good category for me. If you love overly bitter out of balance beers you may like this one. I’ll have to sample it on tap to see if those notes are toned down at all, will re-try sometime as I like this brewery a lot and their other beers are great just this one didn’t do it for me.

Food Pairing: Some sort of spicy pork would work well, or kung pao chicken.

Did you find this one over-powering? Should I try a different bottle from a different store?



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